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Tie the knot in the open air in Antwerp!

The District of Antwerp, one of nine districts in the metropolis, is joining a string of municipalities in Antwerp Province where weddings can take place in the open air. Demand for open air marriage ceremonies is up as a result of the pandemic.

The authorities in the District of Antwerp have noticed that an awful lot of people have been delaying tying the knot as a result of the pandemic, but the ability to have your ceremony in the open air should provide a solution for some.  In Antwerp they expect demand to pick up as soon as corona restrictions are eased, though some couples are apparently even waiting for the renovation of Antwerp city hall to be completed to allow their ceremony to proceed there.

Open air ceremony locations are seen as a corona safe alternative, but will also be used after all restrictions are lifted.

In Antwerp District the Harmonie Park, where the new District House is being located in the renovated Harmonie festival hall, is being prepared as a new location.

Paul Cordy (Flemish nationalist) is the Mayor of Antwerp District: “I really hope corona measures won’t play any role when we open our new open-air location for wedding ceremonies.  That should happen this summer.  The location will only be available during the summer months.  There’s little point out of season.  A few matters still need to be sorted, so in the worst-case scenario it will only open next year.”

In bad weather people will be able to shelter in the hall of District House.

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