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Sales of small bottles of bubbly go through the roof

Supermarkets and other drinks outlets report a big increase in the sale of wine and sparkling wines in small bottles in recent months.  People are clearly eager to give themselves a treat now hospitality is closed. Sales of small bottles of wine are up between 20% and 50% on average.  One retailer even reported selling 25 times more than before the pandemic.

Sales at supermarket chain Delhaize are up by a fifth.  “That’s 300,000 bottles extra if we keep this up for a year” says Delhaize’s Roel Dekelver.  “It’s a tremendous success”.

Sales at Aldi are going through the roof.  Jason Sevestre explains it started with the festive season: “The sale of small bottle of sparking wine doubled in December.  It’s a trend that is continuing.  Limiting ourselves to small bottles doesn’t mean our customers are drinking less!”

Liquor store Prik & Tik has noticed that small bottles of cava have become immensely popular.  “Sales trebled during the first lockdown.  During the second lockdown demand has been amazing.  We sold 25 times more than usual” says Jan Daelemans.

Colruyt that recorded a 50% increase in sales of small bottles of sparkling wine and a 20% increase in sales of small bottes of other wines believes the surge in sales is solely linked to corona restrictions.

“As soon as people can meet up in large groups they will revert to larger bottles” says Olivier Tournet.

Delhaize’s Roel Dekelver doesn’t agree: “Smaller bottles allow people to try different tastes and types of wine.  It’s also handier for small households and singles.”

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