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Bizarre Nazi slogan to be preserved

What is being described as a ‘bizarre Nazi slogan’ has been discovered during renovation work on the former municipal hall of Dadizele in West Flanders Province.  Mayor Ward Vergote of Moorslede of which Dadizele forms a part says the local heritage association will investigate the matter further and the piece of gypsum on which the slogan has been written will be preserved for posterity and will be protected behind plexiglass.

The text in German can be translated as follows: “Vehicles must be able to drive for victory! Unnecessary journeys lengthen the war.”

Slogans like these were used by the German railways during the Second World War.

Mayor Vergote: “The slogans urge people not to make unnecessary trips by train. It makes us think of non-essential travel during the pandemic.  The Nazis preferred to use their trains to supply troops in Russia.  By not taking the train, the war won’t be extended and you can contribute to the German victory.  That’s the message.”

The inscription also includes words in Dutch.  The mayor believes it could be the work of a Fleming who sympathised with the Nazis, but there is a further issue.  The Germans started using these slogans from July 1941 onwards, while the Dadizele inscription includes the date 1/7/1940. 

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