"Big liberation party" organised by son of famous epidemiologist triggers family discussions

Tom, the son of vaccinologist and epidemiologist Pierre Van Damme, is one of the driving forces behind a so-called "liberation party" to say goodbye to the corona era in June. A sensitive issue, in times of corona, admits Professor Pierre Van Damme: "We have had lengthy discussions about this." 

The event is organised by the travel organisation 'Route du Soleil' and the internet platform TAGMAG. It is not clear how many people will attend, but the party has been scheduled for 26 and 27 June. The aim is to say goodbye to the corona era. "We have been locked up for over a year, it is time that this comes to an end", organisers write on the website

Speaking in the current affairs evening talk show "De afspraak", Pierre Van Damme takes it with some humour. "Mind you, organisers seize the occasion to stress the fact that it is important to hold on in the coming weeks, in order to be able to stage the party in June. This is the message they are spreading, a strong message which I support."

"It is actually the same message that experts are sending out: keep following corona restrictions now, and we hope that we will be able to have this kind of event by that time. If we vaccinate youngsters day and night in May and June, who knows. (...) But we have had some intense discussions about this. Is this annoying for me? My son is an adult who works in the event sector. These things can happen."

It is possible that Pierre Van Damme has to cancel his son's event: "If the health situation doesn't allow it, they will have to follow the rules like everyone else and cancel the event." 

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