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Flemish PM: "Major relaxations as from the Easter holidays"

The Flemish PM Jan Jambon told Flemish lawmakers today that judging from the models compiled by experts, corona restrictions can be relaxed to a bigger extent as from early April.

Experts presented some mathematical models at a press conference Monday, showing how the pandemic could evolve at different times if nearly all restrictions are being. The models calculated how many hospital admissions we would have in each scenario: relaxations on 1 March, 1 April and 1 May.  

"What I learn from these models, is that there is no real difference between April and May. Waiting until May will not make a lot of difference. So I think we can give the people some hope: we can say that major relaxations can be expected in April, at the Easter holidays (which start on Saturday 3 April)," Jan Jambon (Flemish nationalist) said. 

Mr Jambon's focus is somewhat different from professor Niel Hens's. He said that waiting until May is the best option to keep the pandemic under control while relaxing the measures at the same time. The different governments will meet this Friday on the matter, but no big changes are expected for the month of March. The federal PM Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) hasn't spoken out yet on which option he prefers, April or May.  

For March, only smaller relaxations are expected, probably for youngsters. 

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