Party leader who flouts corona measures slammed

Francophone socialist leader Paul Magnette has castigated Jean-Marc Nollet, the co-leader of the governing Francophone greens of Ecolo after Mr Nollet admitted not sticking to the rule limiting your hug buddies to one.

Under the present corona measures every person in Belgium is allowed to invite one hug buddy or cuddle buddy into the home without the need for social distancing.  A household can have as many cuddle buddies as it has members, but only one cuddle buddy is allowed into the home at one time in order to try and keep coronavirus at bay.

Francophone green co-chair Nollet (photo top) acknowledged that he had stuck to the rule to start off with but in recent weeks had not. “I’m allowing myself to see two people in my home, a couple” he told Francophone radio.

Mr Nollet suggests the health situation in the country is ‘fundamentally different’ than in March 2020: the people most at risk have been vaccinated, knowledge and treatment of the virus has made progress and an increasingly large part of the population has antibodies.

Francophone socialist leader Paul Magnette has little understanding for Mr Nollet’s position slating him on Twitter: “How can you expect citizens to stick to the rules when a party leader publicly says he is no longer doing so” he wrote adding “This makes my pants drop off.”  

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