Record high for 3rd day in a row

Tuesday was the third day in a row that a new record high was set for that particular day of the year.  17.9°C was recorded at the Met Office in Ukkel (Brussels). 

Tuesday’s high improved the record high of 16.3°C set in 1990.

VRT weather presenter Sabine believes the party isn’t over yet and a new record could be set on Wednesday: “Tomorrow could be even warmer than today” she said last night. “There’s a high chance a new record will be set.  We’ll have trashed records on four consecutive days and that is so exceptional!”

A record high of 16.6°C was set on Monday.  Sunday 17.9°C was recorded improving the record set in 1949.

A strong south-westerly is importing hot air from southern Europe and North Africa.  It’s ten degrees warmer than the usual February average.

As Sabine said the party isn’t over yet with temperatures continuing mild on Wednesday: 14°C to 18°C are the highs. On Thursday more cloud will move in with rain towards evening.  Highs of 15°C.

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