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Corona patient who fails to quarantine booked into hotel!

The Mayor of Aarschot, Gwendolyn Rutten (Flemish liberal), has ordered a man with coronavirus who is refusing to quarantine to isolate in a hotel.  He will be guarded by the police 24/7.

The man, who is believed to be a German national, is refusing to comply with corona restrictions.  A 24-hour police guard should ensure the man does not absent himself from the hotel.  It’s the first time an order of this kind has been given.

Problems started when the man ran amok on a train last Thursday.  The guard decided to put the man off the train at the next station that happened to be Aarschot (Flemish Brabant).  The man then headed for the centre of Aarschot where he failed to socially distance.  Finally he was arrested by the police.

“He was drunk and bumped into people” explains Rutten.  “He asked for medical assistance and we dispatched him to Leuven University Hospital”. 

There too he started to run amok.  When his corona test came back positive the mayor decided to intervene.

“This is a very exceptional case.  The man is clearly in distress.  He had no money, no abode and hardly knew where he was.  We couldn’t let him loose in the community with the danger he could infect others” says Rutten.

“He seems to be a German national, but the German authorities insist he must quarantine here first.”

Aarschot then decided to book two hotel rooms: one for the corona patient and a second for the police. 

“He’s getting meals from social services and we are pleased the hotel will help us out.  You can’t really lock the man up” explains the mayor.

The man will receive appropriate help once his quarantine is over and the hotel bill will be sent to Germany once it has been unequivocally established he is a German national.

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