Employers slam full-time home working

The Flemish employers’ organisation has called for mandatory full-time home working to be ditched.  The employers’ organisation Voka says it’s receiving more and more signals suggesting full-time home working for employees is creating problems for businesses and employees too are struggling as a result of the measure.

“Staff are starting to struggle as they have to work from home day in, day out, week in, week out” says Voka head Hans Maertens. “Employees miss their colleagues and the workshop floor”.

During the first wave of the pandemic numerous infections occurred on the shopfloor. The organisation stresses it above all wants to avoid a third wave.  It is not calling for home working to be ditched in its entirety.

“We’re talking about a minor relaxion that would allow employees to return to their place of work for limited opportunities, e.g. a half a day or one day a week or every fortnight to allow employees to return to their place of work.  We are convinced Flemish businesses can do this in a corona secure way” says Maertens.

Home working is not thought to feature on the agenda of Friday’s meeting of the consultative committee that decides corona measures.

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