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More patrols in Brussels, bottles, glasses and music banned in Ghent

More police will be out on the beat in the City of Brussels and Elsene to check compliance with corona measures, while in Ghent the city authorities are taking extra measures after large crowds of youngsters failing to socially distance gathered in the city yesterday.

The mayors of the City of Brussels and Elsene asked local police to step up their activities following large gatherings in parks and on squares in recent days.

“Stricter checks will be carried out on the obligation to wear a face covering, to socially distance and not to meet up outside with more than 4 people at the same time” said Ilse Van de Keere of the zone’s local police.

“Officers will dialogue with people, but if they are recalcitrant, they will be fined.”

The Mayor of Ghent Mathias De Clercq (Flemish liberal) is banning all glass bottles and glasses in public spaces where a lot of people congregate: the St Peter’s Square, the Graslei, the Korenlei and the Coupure.  Electronically amplified music too is banned.

“I understand young people are fed up to the back teeth of the entire situation, but by gathering and throwing a party the crisis will last longer. It will mean a longer wait for the reopening of hospitality and music festivals”.

This was the scene in Leuven yesterday evening where police had to clear City Park and in Ghent where police took action on St Peter's Square.

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