Rail worker killed by train

A rail worker has been hit by a train and killed while he was carrying out maintenance work at Ruisbroek in Flemish Brabant. The accident has caused the suspension of services between Brussels and Halle. International Thalys train services between Brussels and Paris were also suspended earlier on Saturday morning and are still suffering delays as a result of the accident. 

The Belgian rail company NMBS hopes that services will return to normal sometime after 2pm on Saturday.

The man that was killed was carrying out planned modernisation work on the signalling on the stretch of track at Ruisbroek, a Flemish Brabant village around 8 kilometres southwest of Brussels. At the place where the accident happened there are two railway lines, L96 and L96N. Line L96 was closed to trains to allow the work to be carried. Meanwhile line L96N remained open.

The rail infrastructure maintenance company Infrabel’s spokesman Thomas Baeken told VRT News that "During this kind of work procedures are in place that forbid workers from crossing a track that is in use. There are separate site entrances where you can get on and off the track safely. The man had just finished work and should have left the track that was closed via the agreed sit entrance, but he crossed the track that was still in use. How and why, he did this is still unclear." The exact circumstances surrounding the accident are currently being investigated.

Infrabel is providing psycho-social help for the dead man’s colleagues and is working closely with the accident investigation team to try and understand how the accident could have happened.


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