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Gynaecologists call on pregnant women to get a coronavirus jab

Two leading gynaecologists have called on pregnant women in Belgium to get themselves vaccinated against coronavirus. Dr Isabelle Dehaene from Ghent University Hospital and Dr Frédéric Debiève of the Saint Luc Hospital in Brussels told the weekly Vaccination Task Force press conference on Saturday that getting immunised against COVID-19 is advantageous to pregnant women and involves no known risks. 

Both Dr Debiève and Dr Dehaene are specialised in high-risk pregnancies. Their message to woman that are pregnant is clear ““get yourself vaccinated”.

The gynaecologists also said that the vaccine is safe to for women that are breast-feeding and for women hoping to become pregnant.

Dr Dehaene referred to a study carried out among 4,000 pregnant women in Europe and the United States, all of whom had a confirmed or suspected coronavirus infection. The study found that COVID-19 causes 60% more premature births (births between 32 and 37 weeks after conception). Moreover, the virus also causes increased mortality among expectant mothers. "The study concludes that vaccination is advisable for all pregnant women and for all women that wish to become pregnant”, Dr Dehaene said.

She added that there is absolutely no reason to think that the vaccine won’t work or is unsafe for pregnant women.

"There is wide experience with vaccinating during pregnancy. Vaccinations for whooping cough and flu are recommended during pregnancy”.

"There are currently no known risks connected with the coronavirus vaccine. It is possible that after vaccination you will feel unwell or have a fever, but this will soon pass, and it can be easily resolved with rest and paracetamol."


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