Non-medical contact professionals back to work after 4-month enforced closure

Those of us desperate to get a new tattoo, our nails done or are legs waxed will be rejoicing today as for the first time in four months so-called “non-medical contact professional” will be able to receive customers again. 

The decision to allow the likes of beauty therapists, tattoo artists and nail technicians to reopen was taken at a meeting of the Consultative Committee held early last month. 

The same meeting also allowed the reopening of barbers and hairdressers from 13 February. Last Friday’s meeting of the Consultative Committee that is made up of representatives of Belgium’s federal, regional and language community government made no further relaxations to the coronavirus measures.

 It was thought inopportune to do so given the recent rise in the number of the coronavirus patients that are being hospitalised. A “time out” period of one week was announced and the Consultative Committee will meet again this coming Friday. After having been closed for the past four months many non-medical contact professionals have full appointment books for the weeks to come.

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