Minister says “I hate the curfew as much as I hate corona”

The Brussels Finance and Budget Minister Sven Gatz (Flemish liberal) has called for a parliamentary debate on the current curfew measures. In the Brussels-Capital Region the duration of the nightly curfew (10pm to 6pm) is longer than is the case in Flanders and Wallonia. 

Speaking in an interview with VRT Radio 1’s morning news and current affairs programme ‘De ochtend’, Mr Gatz, who also has ministerial responsibilities for the Civil Service and multilingualism in Brussels said that “The curfew has shown itself to be beneficial to health, but we now need to discuss it within the government”.

Mr Gatz believes that the curfew that has been in force now for over four months urgently needs to be examined by politicians in the Brussels-Capital Region in a parliamentary debate.

The Flemish liberal politician told ‘De ochtend’ “I hate the curfew as much as I hate corona.

On Friday 26 February the First Minister in the Brussels Regional Government Rudi Vervoort (Francophone socialist) decided that Brussels would not join Wallonia in bring the hours of its curfew in line with Flanders. This means that while in the rest of the country a curfew is in force from each day from midnight to 5am people living in the 19 municipalities that make up Brussels have to stay inside from 10pm until 6am. Mr Vervoort’s decision was met with consternation by politicians from several parties. The leader of the Francophone liberal group (opposition) in the Brussels Regional Parliament Alexia Bertrand and the Flemish socialist Brussels regional MP Els Rochette (coalition) have called for an open debate on the curfew measures

They question whether a curfew that starts two hours earlier than elsewhere in Belgium is more effective and believe that we should look to see what neighbouring countries are doing and whether we can learn from them. 

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