“Not a word in Dutch at Brussels’ biggest vaccination centre”

Brussels lawmaker Gilles Verstraeten has castigated the situation at the Heizel vaccination centre in Brussels.  The Flemish nationalist MBP says it’s “dangerous, illegal and unacceptable”.  He says no guidance and no explanation can be got in Dutch at Belgium’s biggest vaccination centre.

Mr Verstraeten has collected accounts from Flemings, who were invited to visit the centre and get vaccinated.  He was told care workers didn’t seem to think it was a problem the people they were vaccinating didn’t understand everything that they were saying.

“It is crucial that Dutch speaking inhabitants of the capital receive information about the vaccine in their own language and can communicate in this language”.

“We have heard that Dutch speakers are not being treated with respect and written information is only available in Dutch.”

The lawmaker has called on the Brussels health minister Elke Van den Brandt (Flemish green) to act.

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