Clamp down on doctors questioning corona vaccine

The Order of Physicians, the professional organisation of Belgian doctors, is taking action against doctors who question the effectiveness of the corona vaccine.  Several doctors have sown doubt on social media and the Order is taking action because this is bad for the battle against corona.

The order is targeting colleagues who disseminate baseless theories and inaccurate information.  Fortunately, only a minority of Belgian doctors are affected by such thoughts, though via social media they can inflict a lot of damage.

Michel Deneyer is the Order’s deputy chair: “There are people who have their doubts add to that some cheap crap and people will be even more hesitant to get vaccinated.  We will never be rid of corona!”

At present emergency procedures have only been unleashed against a handful of doctors.  They risk suspension and being unable to work. “You are not permitted to be active professionally and there is no money coming in.  It’s a severe penalty because you lose your clients, who need to go elsewhere” says Deneyer.

He believes doctors who disseminate untruths are simply seeking the limelight: “I think it’s peculiar because in their training here is no room for such foolishness. Science is truth and if you don’t accept that you can’t work in this profession.”

The Order’s deputy chair believes the public at large must be protected against such ideas: “We need to act to support all care workers who were on the front line during the pandemic as well as those who gave their lives.”


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