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Dancing fountains drench Harelbeke Market

Shoppers and market vendors were in for quite a surprise on Harelbeke Market on Thursday morning when all of a sudden, the dancing water fountains that had just been installed erupted into movement.  Several stalls were flooded.  The town authorities blame a contractor: “He wasn’t local and didn’t realise Thursday is Market Day!”

Work on embellishing Harelbeke Market has been underway for a while.  Tests needed to be carried out.  The contractor was eager to test remote programming, but hadn’t realised today was Market day!

Marianne François sells ladies’ textiles: “It was raining, but suddenly we were engulfed.  The danger didn’t come from the heavens but from below.  The fountains were on.  I pulled back my stalls, but really it was too late.”

The contractor’s insurance has already been in touch with vendors who suffered damage.  In future the town authorities plan to agree precise times for tests with the contractor.

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