Taxi drivers block inner Brussels orbital

A group of 800 independent taxi drivers are blocking part of the inner Brussels orbital ring road with their vehicles.  The drivers are protesting against the decision of the Brussels government that does not permit them to pick up drivers via smartphone.

The protest is an initiative of drivers with an LCV licence like Uber drivers, but also unaffiliated drivers.  They number some 2,000 in Brussels. The Brussels authorities are not permitting companies that rent out cars with a driver e.g. like Uber to take orders via geopositioning on a smartphone.  Independent drivers who violate the rules in Brussels could see their vehicle impounded.

Drivers are supposed to agree to take a fare three hours in advance.  Uber and other drivers, who do not possess an expensive taxi licence, but may have invested in their vehicle, are now unable to work as a result. 

The protesters are demanding a proper job status as well as a clear taxi plan for the Belgian and Flemish capital.  After years of talks this has still failed to materialise.

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