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38 jobs under threat at Pfizer’s logistic centre at Zaventem

38 jobs are under threat at the pharmaceutics company Pfizer’s distribution centre at Zaventem in Flemish Brabant. Those whose jobs face the axe work in the department that plans production for sub-contractors that work for Pfizer. The union that represents the affected employees say that their members have reacted with despondency to the news of the possible job cuts. 

Management at Pfizer intends to move the department that does the production planning for sub-contractors to Bucharest in Romania where wage costs are much lower.  

Bart Deceukelier of the Christian Trade Union ACV told VRT News that "238 people work at the Service Centre in Zaventem and they are all devastated by this announcement. We feel that it is a strange decision as last year another 480 people were take on at Pfizer’s Puurs (Antwerp Province) site. We don’t understand why management hasn't first engaged in talks with affected employees to see if they can’t be put to work elsewhere within the company”.

Meanwhile, management at Pfizer says that it is now examining the possibilities of finding the affected employees alternative work at other Pfizer sites in Belgium.



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