City of Brussels unveils its “Toilet Action Plan”

The city authorities in Brussels have announced plans to create more public toilet facilities that are safe and accessible, especially for women. The City of Brussels’ new Toilet Action Plan involves the provision of 8 fixed location public toilet facilities and several extra mobile public toilet facilities than can be deployed at locations across the city. 

There are currently 29 public urinals and 14 public sit-down WCs in Brussels. The City Alderman responsible for cleanliness Zoubida Jellab (Francophone green) says that this is insufficient. 

Her Toilet Action Plan involves the construction of 8 toilet blocks at locations across the city and the installation of 5 mobile WCs and 10 sets of urinals at location where there are issues with people peeing on the streets. Where the installation of mobile urinals is not an option walls will be treated with a layer of a water-repellent agent and the City Cleansing Department will pass by more often to clean where people have peed in order to prevent issues with unpleasant odours. 

The Toilet Action Plan has also given more thought to women than has previously been the case in the provision of public toilet facilities. The City of Brussels intends to make the new facilities accessible, pleasant, and safe for women and people with reduced mobility issues.

The new ‘Peesy’ app will enable people from Brussels and those that visit the city to find the nearest public toilet easily. The city will also work with the hospitality industry. Bars and restaurants that agree to allow their WCs to be used by the public free of charge will in return receive a small fee and have their toilets cleaned by the city cleansing department.


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