“Flanderswide testing for teachers after Easter”

Flemish education minister Ben Weyts (nationalist) plans to introduce saliva tests for teachers now that Belgian governments have decided to allow all children to return to classroom teaching after the Easter break. 

At present pupils aged 14 to 17 only attend classes at school one week in two. 

A pilot project allowing teachers to test for coronavirus will start in ten schools in three areas next week.

“Teachers will be able to self-test using a saliva test.  It’s above all a preventative measure to make education safer and protect teachers” says Ben Weyts. The education minister hopes the tests can be rolled out Flanderswide after Easter.

“The biggest challenge involves logistics” admits Mr Weyts.  “We can manage three areas, but we’re talking about 4,000 schools and 200,000 teachers that need to receive a saliva test every week.  It’s no easy challenge.”

Walloon first minister Elio Di Rupo (Francophone socialist) demonstrated the test last November.

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