“Possible ramifications if you don’t get the jab”

Earlier in the week the leader of the governing Flemish Christian democrats Joachim Coens spoke of possible ramifications for people who didn’t take up the offer to get vaccinated against Covid.  Speaking on VRT Mr Coens indicated that he wasn’t calling for measures to distinguish between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated, but let it be known that a debate on measures that could affect the non-vaccinated was inevitable sooner or later.

The CD&V leader made it clear nobody could be obliged to get the jab, but “once everybody has been offered the chance to get vaccinated and some people do not wish to take this up, this will lead to ramifications.”

Mr Coens is thinking of consequences for employment, participation in big events and foreign travel. Quizzed about whether once you are vaccinated you will be allowed to do more things, he added that it would be very difficult to draw a distinction between the vaccinated and the non-vaccinated as long as not everybody has been offered the jab. Opportunities may arise once the most vulnerable have been vaccinated he added.

The debate on whether a distinction will be drawn is inevitable says Coens because some countries will only give access to people who are vaccinated.

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