Alexander Dumarey

“Seaside mayors will give the go-head for beach bars and terraces”

True to form the maverick Mayor of Middelkerke, Jean-Marie Dedecker (right wing liberal), has unveiled plans to provoke the Flemish and federal authorities.   Mr Dedecker says he’s been in consultation with colleague mayors representing seaside resorts on the Flemish coast and they intend to give the go ahead for beach bars and pavement terraces to be constructed.

Mr Dedecker is in quite a furious mood.  He’s livid because the hospitality industry is only being allowed to reopen in May at the earliest.  “This is a catastrophe for the coast” insists the mayor.  Pointing to Easter he says, “This is the fourth holiday after Christmas and two half-term breaks that hospitality will miss out on. It’s the only economic motor that we possess.”

Once the pavement terraces and beach bars are in place Mr Dedecker intends to ask the Flemish and Belgian premiers for a reaction, when they see the large crowds sitting on benches that have not been disinfected and beach bar and terrace furniture that is standing idle.  Clearly, interesting time ahead.

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