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Which professionals can get back to work on Monday?

Minister for the self-employed and SMEs David Clarinval (Francophone liberal) has clarified which professionals may get back to work on Monday following Friday’s relaxations by Belgian governments.  Ambulant food vendors can hit the road and if your hairdresser or barber visits you at home, it’s time to book that appointment!

The decision is good news for the proprietors of ice cream vans and Belgian waffle sellers.  Mr Clarinval explains that this relaxation ends an absurd situation.  Ambulant vendors were not allowed to ply their trade on Belgium’s byways and highways, but were allowed to become sedentary and set up store in their van in town and village centres.  This in turn resulted in large gatherings and that was not what the doctor ordered!

Door-to-door sales remain banned across Belgium.

Hairdressers will now be allowed to visit customers at home.  This isn’t allowed for pedicurists or manicurists.

Do you enjoy a visit to a private sauna?  Well, then you are in luck because you will be able to book a session together with all the members of your household. This does mean that you won’t be able to meet anybody new, if that was your intention. Only small private saunas are allowed to reopen, not large establishments. Jacuzzis, steam baths and Turkish baths or hammams all remain firmly closed.

And there is yet more good news. Photographers will once again be able to welcome you to their studio, but cannot make home visits.  Customer numbers are limited to one person per 10 sq. metres at the studio.

Schools that provide training for professional hairdressers may resume their activities too, lecturers are once again able to train interns and aviation schools can resume their training of pilots. We’re nearly back to normal!

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