97,117 people in Flanders to be vaccinated this week

The Flemish Care and Health Agency has said that 97,117 people will be given a coronavirus vaccine this week. This is 32,000 less than the number of coronavirus vaccines that were administered last week. The Care and Health Agency says that fewer people will be vaccinated this week due to fluctuations in supplies of the various coronavirus vaccines. 

The lion’s share of the vaccines (51,670) will be administered at vaccination centres. This is 30,000 more than was the case last week. Those set to be vaccinated this week are care professionals. From next Monday vaccination of the general population over the age of 65 will commence. The aim is to ensure that everyone in Flanders that is over 65 and wants to be vaccinated against coronavirus will have been given a jab by the end of next month.

In the hospitals 20,322 second doses of coronavirus vaccine will be given to hospital staff. A further 20,274 doses will be administered at collective care institutions. 4,134 residents of warden-controlled accommodation will be also be given jabs this week.  Finally, 717 care home residents and staff will be immunised this week. They are mainly in care homes where coronavirus outbreaks prevented vaccination taking place earlier.

Meanwhile, there are still issues with supplies of coronavirus vaccine. For example, this week not a single dose of the Moderna vaccine will be delivered to Belgium. Joris Moonens of the Care and Health agency told VRT News that “Supplies of the Moderna vaccine remain very intermittent. Vaccines are not being delivered every week.

During the weekend it emerged that the gap between the number of vaccines that have been delivered to Belgium and the number that have actually been administered is widening. However, the Head of the Vaccination Task Dirk Ramaekers says that we are currently in a transitional period with the opening of the vaccination centres and teething troubles with system that sends out invitations to those due to be vaccinated. The gap should narrow again during the coming the weeks.


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