Free public transport for those on their way to and from vaccination centres in Brussels

People in Brussels that need to get to one of the ten vaccination centres that have been set up to immunise people in the city against the novel coronavirus will be able to make use of the public transport company MIVB’s buses, trams, and metro’s free of charge. The Brussels public transport company says that offer of free transport to a vaccination centre is valid for vaccination with both the first and the second dose of coronavirus vaccine. 

MIVB’s spokeswoman An Van hamme told the Brussels regional news platform Bruzz that “We intend to offer free travel on the MIVB network as soon as vaccination on a large scale commences”. 

Ms Van hamme added that “It still isn’t clear how we will do this. We are currently putting the final touches to the practicalities”. 

She was keen to stress that the offer of free travel only applies to those wishing to get to or from a vaccination centre. 

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