Letter containing false information about vaccine sent to numerous addresses in Eeklo

Police in the East Flemish town of Eeklo have opened an investigation into the origins of a letter containing false information about the coronavirus vaccine. The writer of the letter claims that the vaccine forms a threat and refers to various complot theories. The Mayor of Eeklo Luc Vandevelde told VRT Radio 2 East Flanders that “The police has launched an investigation to trace the sender of the letter'. 

The letter advises people not to get vaccinated. It was posted door to door in several streets in the east of the town. Mayor Vandevelde told Radio 2 that “The letter mainly contains nonsense about alleged side effects of the vaccine. For example, it claims that your body will change and your DNA will be modified”.

The writer of the letter refers to all manner of complot theories. The letter alleges that the American billionaire Bill Gates wants to reduce the world’s population by 15%.

Eelko’s Mayor has every confidence that people in the town will see the letter for what it is and throw it straight into their waste paper basket. “I am convinced that people in Eeklo are sensible enough to realise that this information isn’t true and that the letter is a fake”.

The police suspects that there could be a religious motive behind the letter as it letter contains numerous biblical references. 

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