An example of street racing abroad

Hazardous street racing returns to the Atomium

Street racers have made a comeback on the boulevards at the bottom of the Atomium, Brussels’ nine sphere landmark and remnant of the 1958 World Fair.  Racing cars on the public highway is illegal in Belgium.  Last year efforts were made to deter street racers, but clearly, they didn’t work.

Brussels police has already impounded several cars as part of their investigation into street racing at the Heizel.  Blocks of concrete set out to deter this hazardous and dangerous activity have not done the trick. 

Street racing at the Heizel first came to public notice around five years ago.  Many people were disquieted as they no longer felt safe on the public highway near the Atomium as a result of the street racers. 

Concrete blocks placed on the Louis Steen roundabout last September preventing racers from doing circuits of the rotunda had seemed to have worked until now.  But in recent weeks Brussels police seized several cars.  Last weekend four vehicles were impounded.  The local residents’ association is worried and is demanding a long-term solution.  The City of Brussels authorities, however, have no specific plans to deal with the resurgence of this unsanctioned activity.

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