Police investigate possible link between other recent attacks on gay men and Beveren park killing

Police in the East Flemish municipality of Beveren are investigating whether there is a link between a brutal attack last weekend that left a 42-year-old man dead and other attacks and muggings of gay men in Beveren and the surrounding area. VRT News sources say that at least two other men were lured to secluded spots and attacked via a dating app for gay men. Once they arrived to meet who they thought would be their date they were attacked and robbed. The man found dead at the weekend had also arranged a date through the app. 

Three suspects have been detained. One of them has been sent to the secure young offenders’ centre at Everberg (Flemish Brabant) by a judge at the Juvenile Court in Antwerp. The fate of the two other suspects, also minors, will be decided by a judge at the Juvenile Court in Dendermonde (East Flanders) later on Tuesday.

On Saturday officers from the Waasland-Noord Local Police Service found the body of a 42-year-old man in a park in Beveren (East Flanders). The man had died a violent death and had been lured to the park via a dating app for gay men.  

Within the area served by Waasland-Noord police another two gay men have been lured to a secluded spot via a gay dating app and attacked and mugged by youths recently.

The men thought that they we going to meet another man for a date. However, on their arrival they were attacked and robbed by youths. Whether there is a link between these incidents and the 42-year-old man’s death is currently the subject of an investigation.

The motivation for the killing is also being investigated. Was homophobia the motive for the killing or was there another motive such as robbery?  

The police and the Judicial Authorities are now investigating whether the three youths that have been detained were also involved in the other attacks.


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