Corona photos are tribute to Brussels University Hospital staff

Photographs depicting hospital staff working during the pandemic and taken by Flemish photographer Lieve Blancquaert are now being projected in the entrance of Brussels University Hospital. Blancquaert made the photos in the hospital during the past year as doctors, nurses and cleaners battled the virus. 

“It’s pretty impressive” says hospital chief Marc Noppen “when you see the images on the big screen and hear the accompanying music. The slow pace of the projection makes you take your time to consider what happened over the past year. The photos provide a great picture of what happened here and what is still happening.  It isn’t over yet. Close ups may not reveal much at first sight because everybody is masked, but when you look in the eyes, they say everything.”

The projection is intended as a ‘Big Thank You’ to all staff.  Marc Noppen: “We treated 1,500 patients including 400 in critical care.  It makes an impact. We can rightly be proud of what we did.  This is one of ten initiatives to thank the staff. There’s a book too with photos and letters of thanks from patients.  Every staff member will receive a copy with their own name on it.”

Photographer Lieve Blancquaert too put heart and soul into this photo reportage: “I visited practically all floors of this hospital to do the photos.  You realise corona had an impact from the basement to the loft.  This photo reportage is an ode to everybody who works here, from care worker to cleaner.  My message is that we need to take corona seriously.  I know there are people who don’t, but if you look into the critical care ward, you know why that’s necessary.”

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