“Vaccine producers must stick to their commitments” says Belgian leader

One year after the World Health Organisation declared the corona pandemic Prime Minister Alexander De Croo has addressed the people of Belgium.  Mr De Croo urged everybody to take up their opportunity to get vaccinated and insisted corona restrictions wouldn’t stay in place a day longer than needed.

Mr De Croo spoke in a video message as the vaccination drive finally gathers pace. He labelled the vaccines a “scientific triumph in which Belgian scientists had played a crucial role”.  The Belgian leader emphasised the vaccines were “safe and effective”.  He called on everybody to get vaccinated.

For the vaccination drive to be a success sufficient supplies of vaccines need to arrive.  This is still a problem.  Mr De Croo asked everybody to stick to their commitments “vaccine producers first and foremost”.

“In March, April and Maty we’re counting on receiving 7.5 million doses.  That’s quite a bit more than in recent months.  They must go in arms ASAP.”

The Flemish liberal added “We won’t retain a single measure (i.e. restriction) a day longer than needed, not the curfew, not the travel ban and not the rules inside”, though he was ready to warn: “If we move too quickly and trash the rules it will go pear-shaped once again.”

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