Rob Engelaar

Police ask anyone with an encrypted Sky ECC telephone to come forward

On Thursday evening the Federal Police Service issued a search notice calling on anyone that uses a telephone that is encrypted with Sky ECC to come forward. The police say that all people in Belgium using the system are having their messages tapped as part of Operation Sky. The Federal Police say that those that come forward and “Are using their telephone for legitimate end” will see the privacy of their data guaranteed once it has been checked. 

Early this week more than 200 properties were searched, and dozens of people detained in what was the biggest police operation ever mounted in Belgium. Many tonnes of drugs were also seized as part of Operation Sky. Detectives mounted the operation after they were able to hack into the Sky ECC encryption system that organised criminal gangs have been using on their mobile phones. Around half a billion messages have been decoded with another half a billion messages still waiting to be processed.

At the request of Judicial Authorities and the Examining Magistrate that is leading the investigation, the Federal Police Service issued a search notice on Thursday evening. The notice calls on anyone that has a telephone that uses Sky ECC to report to the police. The Belgian users of SKY ECC are told that their phones are being tapped on the orders of an Examining Magistrate in France.  

The search notice goes on to say that “Individuals and companies that are using Sky ECC for legitimate ends are requested to report to the police. After verification the data collected will be released and will no longer form part of the police investigation”. 

What is a Sky ECC telephone?

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