Professor Van Gucht says Belgium is doing relatively well compared to some other countries

Speaking at Friday morning’s National Crisis Centre press conference the virologist Professor Steven Van Gucht explained that a large portion of the increase in the number of coronavirus infections that has been recorded in recent days can be accounted for by an increase in infections among children under the age of 10. More than 80% of the increase can be attributed to this age demographic. “There are a lot more tests being carried out on children since the schools started back after the half term break”, Professor Van Gucht said. 

"What is important to mention is that the number of infections per 100,000 population is still a lot lower here than it is among older age demographics”. Currently infection levels are highest among people in their teens, 20s and 30s.

Professor Van Gucht notes a slight fall in the number of coronavirus outbreaks in schools, but a rise in the number of outbreaks in the workplace.  "This is mostly in industry where teleworking is difficult such as the food and meat processing industries, construction, care and cleaning services”.  

Nevertheless, Steven Van Gucht says that Belgium is doing relatively well compared with other European countries. "The Czech Republic is even experiencing a fourth wave. There is a third wave in countries such as Estonia, Hungary, Serbia, and Poland. In Italy and France too, the figures are rising”. Currently some French COVID-19 patients are being cared for at hospitals here in Belgium.

"The situation in Belgium remains relatively stable. This illustrates that sticking to the measures will remain very important during the coming winter weeks”, Professor Van Gucht concluded"

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