140,000 coronavirus vaccinations planned in Flanders next week

The Flemish Care and Health Agency has said that during the next two weeks over 270,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine will be administered in our region. Next week (15 to 21 March) just under 140,000 vaccinations will take place in Flanders with 133,000 vaccinations planned for the following week (22-28 March).  

The Care and Health Agency has also looking into extent of the eventual impact that the issues with the AstraZeneca vaccine in Denmark might be having here. It found that this has remained limited. The supply problems with the AstraZeneca vaccine are currently having no impact on the vaccination programme. It won’t be until the end of April or the beginning of May that the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutics company’s failure to keep to its delivery schedule will start to impact the vaccination programme in Flanders.

Next week 139,846 vaccinations will be administered. 40,000 of these will be second doses given on site to the residents and staff of care homes, hospital staff and residents and staff of collective care facilities.   

The remaining 100,000 will be administered in the vaccination centres to front line carers, people over the age of 65 and residents of warden-controlled accommodation. 

The Administrator-General of the Flemish Care and Health Agency told VRT News that this is "the most difficult period for the vaccination centres” as on the one hand the complexity of the operation is increasing, while at the same time not all centres are completely up to speed with all the procedures.  



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