More than 200,000 breaches of corona restrictions during the past year

Since the first lockdown measures were introduced in March 2020 the police services in Belgium have recorded 200,615 breaches of the measures designed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Of those caught breaching the restrictions 21,085 were minors. The figures that come from the Public Prosecutors’ Office cover the period up to the start of this month. 

109,784 offenders were given the option of settling out of court by means of paying a fine. 

59,210 (54%) of the fines issued in this way have since been paid. In other case the suspects were issued with a court summons. Summons were issued to repeat offenders and to those that refused to settle out of court.

29,089 (16%) cases were dropped without any further action being taken. This was done if there was not enough evidence to ensure a successful prosecution or if no offence had been committed.



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