Flanders to deploy drones to study drivers’ behaviour and cut accidents

The Flemish Transport Minister Lydia Peeters (liberal) is currently putting the finishing touches to an innovative new plan designed to improve road safety in our region. The Innovative Mobility Action Plan (MIA) aims to considerably reduce the number of road traffic fatalities in Flanders. As part of the MIA plan drones will be deployed to study drivers’ behaviour. 

In an interview with the Sunday freesheet ‘De Zondag’, Ms Peeters said “We want to study drivers’ behaviour at certain specific locations. This will help prevent the creation of new accident blackspots”.

The first areas where the MIA plan will be rolled out in mid-April will be the Limburg traffic region in Limburg Province and the Midwest traffic region in West Flanders.

The Flemish Transport Minister says that she doesn’t see any privacy issues arising for the use of drones. "Who is driving or what they are doing is of no interest to us. We want to study drivers’ behaviour in certain situations. This will help us prevent accidents".


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