Hairdresser Danny’s window smashed after he hung out a rainbow flag

Earlier this week Danny Stroobants hung a rainbow flag in the window on his hairdressing salon in the Brussels district of Haren. Danny wanted to show his sympathy with the family and friends of the victim of the Beveren park killing. However, on Saturday evening someone put a brick through the window of his salon.


Initially Danny had received only positive reactions to his show of solidarity with the park killing victim’s family and friends. The victim was a gay man that had been lured to the park where he died thinking that he was going on a date with another man that he had met through a dating app. 

Whether homophobia was the motive for the killing is still the subject of the ongoing investigation. Nevertheless, in the wake of last weekend’s tragic events private citizens, local councils and politicians have spoken out against homophobia and transphobia and many people like Danny have hung out rainbow flags.

On Saturday evening the Brussels hairdresser received several calls from customers informing him that someone had put a brick through the window of his salon.

Danny Stoobants has been running his hairdressing business at the same location in Haren since 1985. In an interview with the daily ‘Het Laatste Nieuws’ he responded with disbelief to what has happened. “Over the past 35 years I have hung out a rainbow flag each year during the Gay Pride period every year. But I have never experienced a homophobic act like this”.

“This brings intolerance and homophobia very close to home. Even in little Haren, near Brussels. It is a sad and disturbing development”, Danny Stroobants wrote on social media. 

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