Man fires six shots at police in Limburg village

Police in the Limburg village of Millen, near Riemst were shot at on Saturday evening by a man in an emotionally disturbed state. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident, although a police car was damaged by bullets. 

The incident happened at a house on the corner of the Kattestraat and the Trinellestraat in Millen. The man’s wife, who no longer felt safe in her own home; ran out onto the street at around 8:30pm. When officers from the Bilzen-Riemst-Hoeselt Local Police Service arrived at the scene the man fired a total of six shots at them.

A police officer was able to overpower the gunman and handcuff him. No shots were fired by the police and the man was taken to the police station.

The Head of the Bilzen-Riemst-Hoeselt Local Police Service Dirk Claes said that reports of the shooting incident came as shock to him and colleagues. Today (14 March) it is 11 years to the day since the policeman Eddy Strijckers was shot and killed in Bilzen by a murderer that was on the run.

The area around the house was cordoned off while experts from the Federal Police Service carried out forensic tests. A ballistics expert has also been sent to Millen to aid the investigation. 

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