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Limited relaxations across Flemish education

The Flemish education sector benefits from a series of relaxations to corona restrictions – so called ‘corona measures’ – starting today.

All pupils at primary and secondary school will once again be able to enjoy out-of-school activities that last for up to one day.  Moreover, pupils belonging to vulnerable groups will once again be able to attend school fulltime.

Talks across the education sector last month recognised that a full relaxation wasn’t yet possible due to the ferocity of the pandemic.  Limited relaxations are possible, e.g. for out-of-school activities, but these must be staged in a Covid-secure manner. Pupils may not be in contact with people from outside their class bubble.  The school must also organise its own transport.

Pupils in special needs schools can return to the classroom fulltime.  This is also the case for pupils in parttime vocational education.

Relaxations also kick in at universities and schools of advanced learning.  Universities and polytechnics may fill 20% of campus capacity (10% formerly). All students will be able to attend campus two half days or one whole day a week for lessons.

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