Peeping Tom escapes jail

A Ghent student has been given a two-year suspended prison sentence after he filmed ten women while they were naked in the showers at a hall of residence.  Strict conditions have been set: the student must undergo therapy and inform any partner about the incidents.

It was two years ago that a young woman contacted the police after she caught a man secretly trying to film her in the shower.  The incident happened at a hall of residence at Ghent University.

Police seized the man’s phone and computer and discovered more images.  The man admitted he had been secretly filming women in the showers for a year now.  Police identified ten victims.

Charges brought centred on the filming in the shower as well as photos he made of two naked women while they were sleeping. 

Thanks to the suspended sentence the culprit escapes jail as long as he meets the court’s conditions for the next five years.  If he commits any further offences, he will go to jail.  The court’s conditions include following therapy with a therapist versed in psychosexual issues and staying in touch with a legal assistant.

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