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‘Positive vibes’ despite delay for Tomorrowland

The organisers of the Boom festival have announced it will now take place on the last weekend of August and the first weekend of September.  In this way they hope to beat the pandemic.

Tomorrowland believes that the situation with regard to the pandemic may have improved sufficiently by the end of the summer, but realises that the festival’s 16th physical edition may still have to be delayed till 2022.

Tomorrowland still has hopes a physical festival can be staged this year but is abandoning dates in July. If not, a virtual festival may be on the cards.  The organisers believe they will be able to announce more details in May. 

“We’re waiting to hear what the government will decide, what framework is being created and what opportunities will exist” says Debby Wilmsen. “We will also have to await the issue of the necessary licences.  We’ve got positive vibes and are looking to the future full of hope.  We believe that if the vaccinations run smoothly, there will be more liberty”.

“We work with DJs.  Many of our top DJs come from Belgium, the Netherlands and France.  That makes things easier, but postponement isn’t self-evident.  Tomorrowland isn’t a bouncy castle that you can just plug in.”

Creating Tomorrowland involves considerable numbers of staff: builders and people from the education sector too.  Will they and the site all be available on the new dates?  Today, like with so many questions, it’s still an open question.

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