Unhappy couple sees guests flee wedding party

A bride must have imagined her Big Day slightly differently when on Saturday evening she saw her guests flee the venue and the police jot down their number plates.  But this is what happened at Hoen Castle in Geetbets (Flemish Brabant) where 50 guests had gathered for a wedding party.

All the guests were able to flee, but every single one of them can look forward to a corona fine, because police officers managed to write down all the car number plates.

Luc Liboton is the local police chief: “It was around 7:30PM when our officers were alerted to a number of people wandering about the castle estate.  At first, we didn’t notice any cars, but when we approached, one guy immediately rushed into the hall to warn all the guests.  They left via all possible exit routes, got into their vehicles and absconded the scene”.

Their early departure doesn’t mean they will escape the fine.

“When the guests left in their cars officers wrote down every single number plate.  Most of the guests had travelled from France or the city of Liege.  They can look forward to 250-euro fines.  Attending a wedding party with so many guests is still not permitted under corona restrictions”. 

The unhappy couple that was identified and who stayed behind will also get their fine.  The proprietor of the venue will get his day in court.

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