Olivier Matthys

Belgian royals get the jab

Belgian premier Alexander De Croo (Flemish liberal) has called a digital meeting of Belgium’s Consultation Committee.  The meeting is being brought forward to Friday. All Belgian governments are represented on the committee that has the final say on corona measures and the restrictions. The news broke on the same day as Belgium’s former ruler King Albert and his wife Queen Paola were immunised.

The committee meets at 3PM on Friday to analyse the corona situation in detail.  The meeting was brought forward as new cases of coronavirus rise sharply and more and more patients are ending up in critical care.

Meanwhile it has emerged that no extra measures are being taken in Flemish education following talks between the Belgian leader and the country’s education ministers.  Francophone and Germanophone ministers are considering mirroring the measures taken in Flanders on Wednesday.

King Albert and Queen Paola received their jab of the corona vaccine today.  The Belgian royals travelled to the Heizel vaccination centre in Brussels to get their shot.  

Olivier Matthys

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