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"You'll Never Walk Alone’ sends a message of hope to radio listeners across Europe.

For the second time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic radio stations across Europe joined forces to send out a message of hope and support to their listeners in these trying time. At 8.45 on Friday morning more than 100 stations that included those operated by the VRT all simultaneously played Gerry & The Pacemakers iconic song “You Never Walk Alone”. 

The VRT Radio 2 presenter Sven Pichal told VRT News that “The idea is to unite people through music and to offer a chance to reflect on the difficult but also the pleasant moments we have had during the past year of the pandemic”. It was Sven Pichal that decided to re-run an initiative first launched by a Dutch DJ last spring. 

On 20 March 2020 180 radio stations all over Europe played ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone” at 8:45am. Then the idea came from the Dutch station 3FM’s presenter Sander Hoogendoorn. It was intended to show support for those that work in the health and care sectors. 

A year later Sven Pichal thought it would be good to repeat the initiative. Here in Belgian VRT and commercial stations took part, as did dozens of other stations across Europe and beyond. 

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