Does the abandoned polder village of Doel still have a future after all? A new study gives supporters hope

The Flemish government has ordered a study on the future of Doel: "This will allow us to see what we can do, and what is possible."

Doel is situated near the River Scheldt, next to the Deurganckdok, a dock for giant sea ships delivering goods to the port of Antwerp. Plans for a second dock next to the Deurganckdok meant the end for the polder village, stuck between the port of Antwerp and the nuclear site of Doel

Doel boasted over a thousand local residents in the seventies, but local people were forced to leave and the village was poised to disappear due to the port's expansion plans. However, the plans were adapted later on, with the second dock coming at a slightly different site, leaving room for Doel. 

The Flemish government now intends to resuscitate the ghost village which has become an attraction for tourists and photographers. A study has been ordered to see what is possible. 

"We really need this study to see what we can do", the Flemish Housing Minister Matthias Diependale (Flemish nationalist) said. "We want to know which way we can go and start implementing these plans." Local action groups to save the village will be involved in the new study. 

Get an impression of the village in this video: 

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