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Hundreds of anti-corona protesters in Terkamerenbos: "We want our freedom back"

Hundreds of demonstrators flocked to the Terkamerenbos at the edge of the city of Brussels to voice their protests against the corona restrictions on Saturday. They gathered together in big numbers without wearing face masks or respecting social distancing rules. Protesters claim that the danger of the pandemic is exaggerated while the impact of the restrictions is being underestimated. 

Police were talking about 1,000 demonstrators, but organisers claim there were many more. They argued that the present corona restrictions are going too far, labelling them as "undemocratic" and "a prelude to dictatorship". 

"We don't believe in the ideology of the virus, the ideology of the mouth masks and the ideology of the vaccines", said Ezra, one of those behind the initiative. "We believe in love and freedom. The vaccines won't protect us, and neither will the face masks. These are only there to check on people. Only by sticking together, we can protect ourselves and come through this. We showed this today and we will continue to do so." 

Police tried to avoid a confrontation, asking protesters to keep a distance and to wear mouth masks. The atmosphere got more hostile as the event came to an end, but no major incidents were reported. 

Watch the video below to get an impression of the protests:

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