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Glenn sets new space hopper distance record

Glenn Valentin from Ieper has trashed the distance record on a space hopper or skippy ball.  The young man covered a distance of 32 kilometres, a feat that takes him into the Guinness World Records.

Glenn spent 12 hours bouncing up and down, and forwards, on the athletics track in Ieper (West Flanders) in order to snatch the world record for Flanders. “It was a rite of passage from youngster to adult” he told VRT.

Adventure is in Glenn Valentin’s blood. Last year he hopped up the notorious Col du Tourmalet of Tour de France fame in France. He’s been dreaming of a place in Guinness World Records for some time.  On the verge of turning 30 the time was now right for a challenge.

By covering 32 kilometres in laps Glenn succeeded in doubling the existing record. He was egged on by friends and family as well as by his dog Chopko.  “The dog distracted me” said Glenn. “In difficult moments I also got a lick to the face”.

Along the circuit portraits of adventurers from days past also provided encouragement.  Glenn is currently working on a book about present-day adventurers.  In conversations they provided him with tips for mental strength and for perseverance for long distance challenges.

“Instead of concentrating on my goal I focussed on my breathing, my supporters and the trees around the track” says Glenn. “I needed quite a lot of courage during the final laps.  I had to pull out all the stops.  I wanted to finish as a champion, not as a wet rag.”

Cash raised by the feat goes to the not-for-profit organisation CliniClowns that provides entertainment for children in hospital.  “You won’t see me on a space hopper any time soon.  My new dream is to ski to the South Pole” Glenn confided.

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