Vilvoorde step thief strikes again

For the second time in recent months some of the steps on the pedestrian and cyclists‘ bridge over the busy Woluwelaan at Houtem, near Vilvoorde (Flemish Brabant) have been stolen. 8 of the metal steps have been taken, once again rendering bridge unusable. 

Officers from the Vilvoorde Machelen Local Police Service have launched an investigation to try and trace the person or persons responsible for this most unusual of thefts. 

The police spokeswoman Catherine Bodet told VRT Radio 2 Flemish Brabant that “On Saturday morning a local resident reported the theft of some of steps from the stairwell of the pedestrian bridge over de Woluwelaan in Vilvoorde”. 

"Our officers went to the scene and saw that 8 steps had been removed on one side of the bridge. The bridge was then sealed off as the theft meant that there was a dangerous gap into which people could fall. Some steps disappeared from the bridge in mid-January and now thieves have struck again. It seems that the thieves are interested in metal. We currently have no suspects, but the investigation is ongoing', Ms Bodet added.

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