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Yet another lockdown party at College of Europe

Bruges police have again had to stop a lockdown party at halls of residence at the prestigious College of Europe in the West Flemish capital.  The college prepares students for careers as top civil servants at the European Union. The rector has asked police for a full list of those taking part to allow him to mete out appropriate punishments.

It’s not the first time the college hits the headlines as a result of lockdown parties and violations of Belgium’s corona measures.  Eurosceptics will probably argue it won’t be the last either.

Police were called to halls of residence last Thursday evening.  15 students were fined the 250 euros. 

So far fifty students at the College of Europe have been caught partying in violation of Belgian Covid restrictions. 

Numerous are the calls on Bruges police.  At the weekend officers had to break up a party with 15 participants at a company on the Blauwe Toren industrial estate, while in downtown Bruges they had to halt a birthday party where 12 people had gathered to celebrate.

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