95% of Flemish care home residents and 87% of care home staff have been vaccinated

The Flemish Health Minister Wouter Beke (Christian democrat) has announced that 95% of care home residents in Flanders have been vaccinated against coronavirus. Almost three months since the start of the vaccination campaign in our region’s care homes 87% of care home staff have also been vaccinated against coronavirus. 

The vaccination campaign in Flemish care homes is nearing conclusion. However, Mr Beke expects the percentage of residents and staff that have been immunised to rise further in the coming weeks.

1.3 million euro has been set aside to pay for the adminstration of the vaccinations. This figure has been calculated based on a figure of 80.34 euro/hour costs with a vaccinator being able to vaccinate 20 people per hour. Of these 691,000 euros has been budgeted to pay for the vaccination of care home residents with 622,000 going to pay for the vaccination of care home staff.



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